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The largest wine supplier in Norway

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Arcus Wine Brands is the largest wine supplier in Norway, and offers a strong portfolio of well-known wine products from both the old and the new world of wine to the Nordic market. Our dedicated wine team has the expertise to choose the best wines from around the world, which are then bottled in Arcus' modern bottling facilities at Gjelleråsen north of Oslo. Bottling the wine close to the market gives our customers assurance of optimum quality and freshness of our wines.

We focus on environmental and ethical responsibility throughout the whole value chain. For instance, by importing over 90% of our wines in tank containers, we reduce our CO2 emissions by over 30% compared to imported bottled wines.

Our main focus is Bag in Box wine, BiB. BiB was introduced to the Nordic region in the 1980s and has become very popular. 59 per cent of all red wine in Norway in 2015, was sold in a BiB. In Sweden the number is 58 per cent. BiB has a number of practical features such as low weight, large volume and the fact that it is unbreakable. Wine in a BiB will keep for six week after opening, without compromising the quality of the product.

Detecting the DRIVERS in our business is crucial for developing successful brands. Using consumer insight, we are constantly researching how the Nordic markets develops. Our success is based on our market knowledge and our flexibility to respond quickly to market needs and trends

“AWBs success is based on our market knowledge and our flexibility to respond quickly to market needs and trends.”

— Arcus Wine Brands

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